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Swelling Arms & Feet

The term edema is used to refer to any general swelling of the tissue below the skin. If you are experiencing edema of the arms and feet, your doctor will likely perform a number of tests to rule out serious heart or circulatory issues. Neuropathy is a common cause for symptoms such as swelling arms and feet. It can be accompanied by the other common symptoms of this disorder, or appear on its own as an independent problem. You may need to seek the attention of a specialist at Advanced Health and Rehabilitation Center if your doctors have not been able to pinpoint a cause or suggest a treatment that works.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my hands or feet are swelling?

A little swelling could be ordinary water retention due to inactivity, or it could indicate life-threatening disorders. Checking in with your physician is the best way to rule out causes that would require immediate treatment. If the doctors cannot find a cause they can treat, visiting Advanced Health and Rehabilitation Center should be your next step. Our diagnostic programs will determine if diabetic complications or nerve compression are some of the culprits behind the mysterious swelling.

Why should I treat minor swelling when I know I have neuropathy?

Many people diagnosed with neuropathy choose to live with the pain, numbness and swelling of their limbs rather than seeking treatment. Doing nothing could threaten your overall health, as limbs that are losing sensitivity and becoming swollen usually become injured at a much higher rate due to accidents you cannot easily feel. Millions of diabetic patients destroy the bones in their feet or develop wounds on their extremities that will not heal due to neuropathy. Treating the limbs to reduce swelling and restore feeling will help you avoid the small injuries that could eventually damage your hands and feet enough to require amputation.

How is the swelling linked to my other neuropathy symptoms?

Swelling in the limbs due to other illnesses can actually trigger the beginning of neuropathy. When muscles in your arms and legs become swollen due to injury or inflammation, they can put serious pressure on crucial nerves. These nerves will become damaged or even die if the pressure goes on for days and weeks. Resolving any episodes of swelling as soon as they appear is the best way to protect your peripheral nerves from damage.

Are swollen joints also linked to neuropathy?

A swollen and sore wrist, knee or elbow could cause neuropathy or appear as one of its symptoms. A joint that swells due to rheumatoid arthritis often traps a nerve and compresses it. This can create pain and numbness across the body. If the nerve is badly damaged due to another issue, the joints that it runs through often become inflamed and swollen as well.

Is exercise causing the swelling?

Injuries, inflammation and sprains all cause swelling in the limbs after a vigorous exercise session. However, these problems should resolve themselves after a short break from the activity. Swelling that lingers weeks after you have stopped running or lifting weights indicates that you need professional attention. Many forms of edema are treated with gentle daily exercise, so discover the cause of your issue before you cut all forms of exercise from your routine.

What complications can arise if I do not treat my swelling limbs?

If the swelling is part of diabetic neuropathy, you are at risk for lesions, ulcers and gangrene. The loss of feeling further increases your chances of developing one of these serious problems. Once a wound develops, it can take weeks or months of daily treatment at a hospital to stop infections from spreading. Many patients end up having to go through amputation if they let the wounds go too long without treatment.

What types of treatments are available to reduce swelling in arms and feet?

If non-specific edema is bothering you, fill out our quick contact form to start discussing your problem with a professional at the Advanced Health and Rehabilitation Center neuropathy center. We create custom integrated plans for our patients that combine office treatments with lifestyle adjustments. We hope to revitalize your nerves and adjust your entire system to maximize pain relief without invasive or risky procedures. Our conservative treatment plans will take into consideration any other health issues you are struggling with. This is especially important if swelling in your arms or feet is just one of the conditions you are experiencing.