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Glove-like Sensation

Slipping on a pair of gloves will keep your hands warm on a cold winter day, but they will also dull some of the sensation in your hands. Noticing this partial numbness when you are not wearing gloves may be startling. Many patients with glove-like sensations are constantly distracted and find it hard to do tasks that require fine finger coordination. The problem can progress to full numbness or weakness in the hands. Peripheral neuropathy is one of the most common causes of this sensation, and Advanced Health and Rehabilitation Center has the tools to help you overcome this problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes neuropathy to create glove-like sensations?

Nearly any condition leading to the syndrome known as peripheral neuropathy can trigger the feeling of numbness or contact on the skin of the hands. This symptom is most commonly seen in patients with:

  • Vitamin Deficiencies: If your system does not have enough vitamin B12 to conduct nerve impulses properly, a partial sensation loss can occur in the hands and feet.
  • Guillain-Barre Syndrome: This progressive nerve inflammation disorder often begins with subtle signs in the extremities.
  • Kidney and Liver Dysfunction: Many forms of neuropathy originate from an episode of poor kidney or liver health, which allows toxins to build up and damage sensitive nerves.
  • Diabetes: The fine nerves in your hands are also susceptible to high blood sugar levels, which are commonly caused by diabetes.

Why should I seek out a specialist for this type of condition?

Each year, thousands of patients receive an incorrect diagnosis because their neuropathy symptoms are not very advanced. Doctors who prefer to see physical symptoms often easily dismiss a mild feeling such as a sensation like something is resting on your skin. Unlike those who just look for physical symptoms, we can provide testing to determine the condition of the nerves and positively determine if your symptoms link up with neuropathy or another cause.

What are the benefits of prompt treatment for glove-like sensations?

Depending on the underlying cause of the nerve damage, it may be possible to stop deterioration and reverse some part of the damage. Conservative treatment plans can cause normal sensations to return and fade the feeling of wearing a glove.

Why are the hands and feet affected in many types of neuropathy?

When conditions like diabetes, spine and nerve problems are causing the sensations and pain the symptoms can begin from the spine or in the extremities and progress inwards towards the core. This can be due to a nerve’s strands being compressed and not sending or receiving messages correctly. Your fingers and toes may go numb or tingle first, which turns into a glove of numbness or pain as the weeks pass.

What are the most common treatments for glove-like sensations?

Many doctors turn to antidepressants first when treating nerve pain or numbness in the hands. These drugs can come with a long list of serious side effects. Anti seizure medications are also used. Permanent damage to the central nervous system can occur when taking these kinds of drugs.

What alternatives are available for treating neuropathy?

There is hope! Advanced Health and Rehabilitation Center Practice has developed a revolutionary Neuropathy Program to help eliminate signs and symptoms of neuropathy. The most comprehensive neuropathy treatment in healthcare is being utilized right here at Advanced Health and Rehabilitation Center! State of the art Infrared Laser Therapy is the most advanced medical procedure currently available for neuropathy. With Infrared Laser Therapy and specialized nerve treatments, inflammation is reduced around the nerves while restoring blood flow to the damaged nerves allowing for normal sensation to return to the hands and feet. Patients are experiencing relief of symptoms that they never thought would be possible. TRULY AMAZING RESULTS!!!

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