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Neuropathy Treatment

The treatment I have received at Advanced Health has really helped the Neuropathy in my feet more than anything I have tried and I have done plenty (drugs, exercise, etc.). I had trigger finger really bad and the therapy has almost stopped it completely. I recommend the clinic to anyone!

Rebecca Moore

When unexplained pain and numbness strikes, it can be frightening and stressful. It can be quite unsettling to suddenly struggle with chronic pain and numbness when you were previously free from discomfort. Damage to your nerves can cause signals of pain, numbness or weakness into the hands and feet. This is commonly known as neuropathy. There are numerous causes and treatment options for this life altering condition. Advanced Health and Rehabilitation Center operates a state of the art Neuropathy Treatment Center to help anyone in the New Bern, NC area that is affected by this painful condition. We can help you determine if your issues are related to spine, peripheral or diabetic neuropathy with a wide panel of tests. If one of these is determined to be the cause of your discomfort, our non-invasive treatments may help you regain your freedom from pain.

Many times neuropathy and its causes go undiagnosed, leaving patients feeling hopeless and spending time and money seeking help. At Advanced Health and Rehabilitation Center, our Neuropathy Treatment Center specializes in quickly identifying your condition and providing you the treatment you deserve. Call today to find out how our Neuropathy Treatment Center can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of neuropathy?

There are numerous variations of neuropathy, but two of the most common types are peripheral and diabetic neuropathy. Both disorders cause the same set of symptoms, and they respond to similar treatments. Nearly half of all diabetic patients develop some symptoms of neuropathy during their lifetime. A sensation of coldness is commonly reported in the extremities, along with a sock-like sensation or a glove-like sensation with no apparent physical cause. If your body has glucose regulation issues, the excess sugar in your blood can permanently damage your nerves. Any damage done to the outlying nerves in your hands and legs will fall under the umbrella of peripheral neuropathy. Noticeable symptoms like swelling arms and legs can be intimidating. The nerves in your extremities control muscle movements and sensations, so patients with this disorder often experience both weakness and pain in the affect areas. Automatic functions like your heart rate and blood pressure could even be altered in serious cases. If you suffer any of the above symptoms, call now to talk to one of our team members and schedule your free consultation

What causes the various kinds of peripheral neuropathy?

There are hundreds of diseases, injuries, infections, compressions and other issues that can cause symptoms that fall under the umbrella of neuropathy. Some cause a variety of other symptoms while simpler problems may only cause a vague tingling or mild burning sensation on the skin. A few of the most common causes of peripheral neuropathy include:

  • Physical Damage: A serious injury to the spine, arms or legs can leave the nerves of the hands or feet very sensitive to the slightest touch. One common form of physically induced neuropathy is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, in which the main nerves of the wrist are compressed until they cause numbness and pain throughout the arm. The cause could be located anywhere where peripheral nerves run through or around a joint.
  • Toxins: Cancer treatment medications, poisons and heavy metals like arsenic can all badly damage nerve endings throughout the body or in one localized area.
  • Infections: Many sudden cases of neuropathy in just one body part begin after an infection in one part of the body. The infecting agent leaves plenty of damage behind, causing pain or weakness to continue long after the infection is gone.
  • Alcoholism: Loss of sensation in the feet and hands is a common complaint from long-time alcoholics. The consumption of high volumes of alcohol also leeches crucial vitamins and minerals from the body, which can further complicate neuropathy problems.
  • Autoimmune and systemic disorders: General neuropathy is often just one of many uncomfortable symptoms for patients struggling with HIV/AIDS, Lyme disease, lupus, Guillian-Barr Syndrome, liver disease or hypothyroidism.
  • Idiopathic: Nearly a third of all cases of peripheral neuropathy do not come with clear causes. Patients with these issues typically struggle to find ways to cope with the symptoms while they continue ruling out the numerous conditions that could be causing their pain.

How is peripheral neuropathy diagnosed?

Traditionally, since there are so many potential causes for this set of symptoms, you would have needed to see multiple doctors to get a definitive diagnosis. Some specialists would test for electrical conduction between muscles to determine where your nerves are damaged. Others would run CT scans, blood tests, MRIs, biopsies of nerve tissue, spinal fluid tests, and background screenings to rule out dozens of causes. This would leave the patient feeling hopless and seek symptom management treatment while seeking a diagnosis since the process could take years.

Fortunately, the Neuropathy Treatment Center at Advanced Health and Rehabilitation Center takes a different approach. Our patients benefit from our “integrated approach”, where you will receive the best of all the treatment you need to get back on the road to health at one location . As a Neuropathy Treatment Center, you benefit from using the latest, state-of-the-art procedures to diagnose the underlying cause of your symptoms, and treating the root of the problem, not just the symptom. Our goal is to provide the best of care, with a significant number of our patients feeling better in as little as 4 weeks. Call today and see if our Neuropathy Treatment Center is right for you.


What are the symptoms of neuropathy?

Minor aches and pains are not typically things to be concerned about. Pay close attention when you have an uncomfortable feeling that will not go away after a few days of rest. Some patients first notice a sensitivity to heat and cold or the feeling of pins and needles that won’t stop. Stepping into a shower may feel like a rain of fire, even with water that is barely warm. Others experience shooting or stabbing pains in one area of the body. Sciatica is a common complaint from neuropathy patients. It consists of a sharp or dull pain in the lower back and groin. Weakness, sensations of burning or tingling, numbness, and balance issues are all related symptoms that may or may not appear. Involuntary movements, like those associated with Restless Leg Syndrome, can also keep you awake at night. New symptoms can appear without warning while others fade away and return without apparent cause.


What can I do to treat my neuropathy symptoms?

Since there is no single cure for neuropathy, and relieving or healing the cause may not always reverse the damage patients often seek out treatments to manage their symptoms instead. Common options include painkillers, or more extreme measures like anesthetics and surgery to destroy affected nerves. These methods can carry serious side effects and risks.

There is hope! The Advanced Health & Rehabilitation Center Neuropathy Treatment Center focuses on the body as a whole, treating the root cause of your neuropathy symptoms. Our methods implement state-of-the-art techniques and are non-invasive unlike radical surgery, and non-habit forming, like painkillers.

Physical causes of nerve damage are easily diagnosed at our center, allowing us to immediately help patients struggling with wrist pain or sciatica due to a physical compression. With Infrared Laser Therapy and specialized nerve treatments, inflammation is reduced around the nerves while restoring blood flow to the damaged nerves allowing for normal sensation to return to the hands and feet. Patients are experiencing relief of symptoms that they never thought would be possible. Careful adjustments and stretching exercises can help retrain your neuromuscular system. This can relieve pain and numbness with just a few sessions. Changes in diet and exercise can also eliminate symptoms. Vibrational therapies are also immensely helpful in the treatment of these conditions. Working together in our treatment center we can work to identify the root cause of your symptoms. We can even utilize information from your other health care providers to pinpoint the best blend of treatments for your health.

A Holistic Approach

At Advanced Health and Rehabilitation Center, we create custom pl
ans for our patients that combine office treatments with lifestyle adjustments. We hope to revitalize your nerves and adjust your entire system to maximize pain relief without invasive or risky procedures. Our conservative treatment plans will take into consideration any other health issues you are struggling with. This is especially important if neuropathy is just one of the health complications you are experiencing.

If the pain and other symptoms of neuropathy are sapping your energy on a daily basis, contact Advanced Health and Rehabilitation Center Neuropathy Treatment Center to make an appointment for your free consultation to talk to one of our team members. We can help you determine if your problem is neuropathy or another common cause of these uncomfortable symptoms.


My foot pain started in 1969 and gradually became worse over the years. It got to the point I could hardly drive and when I did, I would have to pull over because of the shooting and burning pain. After my first week of treatment, I could drive again. I have completed eight weeks of treatment and I no longer have to wrap my feet up at night to protect them from the pain of sheets touching them. I believe the regimen of adjustments, injections, and laser therapy was the best solution to my feet being pain free. For years I believed I just have to live with the pain. I recommend anyone in pain to visit your office and give it a try.

James C Butler