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Chiropractor in Greenville : Dr. Brian Kean

Chiropractor in Greenville, Dr. Brian Kean

Chiropractor in Greenville, Dr. Brian Kean

My Story

My Journey to helping people started when I was a kid. I have always loved talking to people and getting to know them and what was going on in their lives. People used to ask me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I always said a brain surgeon. Mostly because I thought it sounded cool and it helped people.

I was born with debilitating asthma and allergies and spent a lot of time at the doctor’s offices. I was in and out of the hospital and lived in an oxygen tent for weeks at a time. I had mandatory breathing treatments 3 times per day, just to help me breathe. I missed 2 months of first grade because of the severity of my asthma and allergies. The answer was always more and different medications. This was even all through high school. For the first 16 years of my life, I relied on these medications and shots to keep me going.

These medications helped me to breathe better and to handle the external stimulants that caused me react. The biggest side effect was that it gave me a lot of energy. I have no doubt that the side effects of the medication would have put me in a category of being labeled as possible ADHD. Thank God that labeling kids with ADD/ ADHD was not the case in the 70’s. Being a boy with a lot of energy, I turned to sports. I had fun and played just about everything growing up including 2 college sports.

When I was 16 a friend of the family suggested Chiropractic care to my parents. Their first response was, “But he does not have any pain.” After they were educated on how the nervous system controlled the whole body, from breathing to thinking, they decided to give it a try. At that point we had nothing to lose. After a very short period of time, of receiving Chiropractic care around 3 months, I was able to get off of my breathing treatments and actually breathe through my nose for the first time. I was able to go outside and play after dark, without having an asthma attack or having to take my inhaler. It was unbelievable!

In undergrad I studied Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine. Upon graduation I took a job at Mt. Clemons General Hospital, working as an Exercise Physiologist doing stress tests, EKGs and Cardiac Rehabilitation with people after their heart surgery. After a year of doing this and seeing the same thing, time and time again, I started to realize that I was just helping with the “effect.” People needed knowledge and guidance to the “cause” of their health and not wait until it’s too late, then have to roll the dice with surgery or the high possibility of an early death or permanent disabilities due to not taking care of themselves or the lack of education on how to take control of their lives. One of the nurses I worked with, whose husband was a Chiropractor, suggested Chiropractic school. The light bulb went off in my head. Chiropractic had changed my life when I was 16. Three months later I was enrolled at Life University School of Chiropractic. It is amazing how life works. I would not change it for the world!

Phase 1 of practice: Spinal Biomechanics and Engineering

I graduated in December of 1997, ready to change the world. I opened Kean Chiropractic Center in March of 1999 and got rolling.

Always thirsty for knowledge so I could help my patients and provide the best cutting edge technologies, I attended a Seminar taught by Dr. Dennis Woggon in Minnesota about Scoliosis. I considered myself to know a lot about the spine until I meet Dr. Woggon.

Dr. Woggon at the time taught for the Pettibon Institute. Wanting to learn everything that Dr. Woggon knew, I went to every seminar and training and studied under Burl Pettibon, Spinal Biomechanics and Spinal Engineering. I attended seminars all over the country on how to change the spine and help people regain their health and recover from all different spinal ailments. From back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, postural problems and motor vehicle accidents. I eventually was hired by The Pettibon Institute and started traveling, teaching Pettibon Technique to other doctors all over the country. In 2006, I became CLEAR “Scoliosis” Standard and Intensive Care Certified and was elected to the board of Chiropractic advisors for the C.L.E.A.R. Institute.

We have been truly blessed to help people with Non-Surgical Non-Bracing Scoliosis treatment and provide a different approach than the typical medical approach of wait and see from as far as Beirut, Switzerland, Netherlands, and all over North America.

Phase 2: Medical Integration

In 2008 I suffered a brain hemorrhage, where I spent 3.5 weeks in Neuro-ICU at Duke. While hospitalized, I ended up with hospital induced meningitis and MRSA. I lost 40 pounds and my body was starting to shut down. At one point they spoke to my wife about bringing a priest in to give me my last rights. She declined and said he is not going to die. I really believe what got me through this difficult time is my passion for life, my family, praying and meditation on my breathing. You have to fight for what you want in life. The doctors told my wife that the only reason that I lived was because I was already in such great shape. My philosophy has always been….It is the only body we have and if you don’t take care of it no one else will.

When I finally returned home, to say I was weak was an understatement. I had constant brain fog, muscle atrophy, Neuropathy (numbness down my left leg to my foot), irritability, and GI issues. Also, my blood labs showed my liver was triple the normal lab values. For the first time in my life, I had a general lack of motivation. My body was toxic and I started to break out in boils, which turned out to MRSA. I started to look to modern medicine and took medications to help my boils, GI issues and numbness. After 3 months of no changes, except to take more medication, I drew a line in the sand when I asked a question of my friend and medical doctor and was told that to prevent any further out breakouts, I was going to have to take these medications for the rest of my life. At that moment I knew that If I was going to get well again It was going to be up to me to figure it out. I looked to functional medicine to help me regain my life.

I started attending Functional Medicine Seminars to gain knowledge and ask questions to try to figure out how to fix myself. Functional Medicine or Functional Wellness is the application of alternative, natural, and holistic measures to improve health concerns, such as thyroid disorders, diabetes, fibromyalgia, endocrine and hormone imbalances, and autoimmune diseases.

This is done by determining the underlying cause of the health concern through appropriate testing to pinpoint your body’s needs and then by enhancing your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Functional Medicine works to heal the root of the illness, rather than masking the symptoms. I did my postgraduate training in Functional Endocrinology, Functional Immunology, Functional Brain Chemistry, Thyroid Disorders, Functional Blood Panels, and the inner workings of body systems.

Seeing a need to be able to help more people in the community, in 2009, I integrated our office to incorporate the Best of Physical Medicine (Natural Pain Management), Spine and Joint Rehabilitation, Chiropractic and Massage Therapy. Having a multidisciplinary clinic opened the doors to being able to provide more services for patients that wanted a different approach than the typical medical approach of pills and surgery. At this time we started to do non-surgical treatments for knees and neuropathy patients.

After resolving my brain issues, MRSA outbreaks and GI tract problems, I decided that I needed to share this data with others. In 2012, I added Functional Medicine and began teaching patients how to be proactive and take action to regain their health through natural, holistic measures.

Phase 3: Neuropathy

We have had the pleasure of treating over 18,000 patients over the years. I couldn’t have done this without the great team and doctors we have working with us. They all have the same passion and mission to help as many people as possible.

One of the most frustrating conditions that patients suffer from where the medical community has admittedly failed is helping with Peripheral Neuropathy. The testing used to detect Peripheral Neuropathy is called NCV/EMG. This is a painful test using needles to detect the speed of the smaller peripheral nerves. This test will not give a positive test until the nerve is 60% damaged. This is very frustrating for patients who are seeking to determine why they cannot feel their hands or feet or they are numb and tingling all the time. Post testing, to make the frustration worse, they are being told that there is nothing wrong or just given another pill and told that they are going to have to live with it. Worse yet, the next step is in many cases to have an amputation.

By the way, this is what your insurance pays for. So if you want to gain control of your life and live the life you have the potential to live, you are going to have to do something different to get a different result. Einstein said it best, “Doing the same thing time and time again and expecting a different result is the definition of…….. Insanity.”

In this book, you will learn to take control of your life again and get results. You don’t have to live with neuropathy; and it can and will improve and, in many cases, resolve itself.

Nerves need 3 things to survive that no medication in the world can give them. Nerves need Stimulation, Oxygen, and Nutrition. Painkillers are addictive and can cause serious side effects. Other types of treatment are required to release tingling or buzzing sensations below the skin without these risks.

Most patients experiencing pins and needles due to nerve damage or diabetic complications struggle with related issues like:

  • Burning sensations or feelings of cold when the skin is perfectly warm.
  • Numbness and weakness in the feet and hands.
  • A “stocking and glove” pattern of sensations that primarily cover the hands and feet.
  • Stabbing or electrical pains through the 
hands or legs. 
Products like aspirin and ibuprofen primarily work on injuries and muscle tensions that have physical components. They reduce inflammation to relieve discomfort, but they cannot do much for a damaged nerve. 
At Advanced Health and Rehabilitation Center, we create custom plans for our patients that combine integrated office treatments with lifestyle adjustments.
  • We hope to revitalize your nerves and adjust your entire system to maximize pain relief without invasive or risky procedures. Our conservative treatment plans will take into consideration any other health issues you are struggling with. This is especially important if neuropathy is just one of the complications you are experiencing. Numbness through the trunk and 
limbs can be resolved with a combination Infrared Class 3 and 4 Laser Therapy, Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequency, Customized Nutritional programs, MassageTherap, NASA based Vibration Therapy, Supports, Chiropractic treatment and other therapies. We have Cutting Edge technologies from all over the world with one purpose: to help you to regain your life and meet your goals.

Phase 4: American Functional Neurology Institute Certification and Trigenics Knee and Joint Pain Treatment

We were integrated (Medical and Chiropractic) for 10 years with our primary focus on treating Peripheral Neuropathy and Knee Pain. During that time we did many medical procedures including knee injections and peripheral nerve blocks incorporated with our cutting edge technologies.

What we found was that the patients that just choose to do the injections and did not do all of the other cutting edge technologies and rehab did not get anything but short-term changes. This created frustrations for me because I want our patients to get long term and if at all possible permanent changes.

This led me to further my education and sought out the knowledge I needed to help people at a whole new level and in 2015 I became certified in Functional Neurology by the American Functional Neurology Institute (AFNI). Through this training we focused on how to incorporate Comprehensive neurological exams to determine the underlying cause of the problem and then using the most cutting edge technologies and advanced ways to change peoples lives with Neuropathy, Joint and Knee Pain. This knowledge has helped us to achieve our goal of adding value and increasing the quality of our patients lives in an outstanding way.

During my training I was exposed to Trigenics, which is a Non-Surgical Non-Drug treatment for joint pain. As we implemented Trigenics into our office I feel in love with the results patients were getting with just one or two treatments. For example when added ITrigenics to our knee treatment protocol in just one to two treatments people that were not being able to squat, go up and down stairs without severe pain were able to regain full range and motion, walk up and down the stairs normally with little to no pain!

This is the First Chapter of my book that is to be published March of 2018, entitled What They Don’t Teach In Medical School About Neuropathy and How to Reverse it.

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