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  • How much does it cost?

    We never charge a fee for a consultation to sit down and talk to our medical team to see if we can help. One of the many services we offer to you is a complimentary insurance verification to let you know the benefits of your insurance.

    The decision is always up to you. We offer different savings and monthly payment programs. Our goal as your New Bern NC chiropractor and health care provider is to find something that fits in your budget so you can start feeling better again and live at your optimal potential.

  • How often, and for how long, do I have to come?

    Each patient will be given a unique treatment plan depending on his/her needs. We treat everything from acute to chronic conditions. Treatments can last anywhere from a couple of treatments to a few months worth of treatments depending on the patients needs.

    Our goal is to first understand you and your condition. We use our over 30 years of experience to help you based on your age, your current level of health, how long you have had the problem and your health care goals. We are here for you!

    Our job is to first understand you and your needs then offer you cost effective care plans and options for you to reach your health care goals. Please feel free to tell us what you want; whether you want long term correction of a problem or simple pain relief. We are here to help!

  • Are adjustments painful?

    Most spinal adjustments are not painful at all. As a matter of fact, patients feel very good and often free from pain almost immediately. The best example is comparing it to starting a work-out regime; you may be a little sore but you know you did something positive to change your body. Adjustments are also very safe with no harmful or dangerous side effects

  • What is an Adjustment?

  • Is a chiropractor a Doctor?

    Yes, a minimum of 2,490 of class hours and (7.5) years of college education are required to become a Doctor of Chiropractic and is required by law in all states and most places around the world where chiropractic is practiced.

  • How Permanent are the Results?

    Our goal is to not just mask the symptoms, but to FIX the cause of the problem. This is based upon tests to determine what is needed to allow you to reach your optimal health. Once our medical team locates and corrects the cause of your health problems and the correction is complete, then the nervous system is restored back to normal function. The body will then cure itself.

  • What makes your office different from other doctor’s offices?

    At Advanced Health and Physical Medicine, we take pride in providing you with the finest health care through the best of Chiropractic, Medicine, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy Exercises and Nutrition through state of the art, non-surgical techniques, making us unique among New Bern chiropractors.

    We have great success treating various health problems including:

    • Pinched Nerves
    • Auto Accidents
    • Sports Injuries
    • Weight Loss / nutrition
    • Arthritis
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Disc Pain
    • Chronic Pain
    • Whiplash
    • Tendonitis
    • Allergy Treatment
  • How do I contact the Scoliosis Correction Center to make an appointment?

    A: Call: (252) 375-3170 or click here.

  • If it is so harmful, then why is the Harrington rod implantation surgery still being performed in the United States?

    First, many healthcare professionals are not aware of the scientific literature that details the negative side effects of the procedure. Also, very little follow-up with the patient is performed after the operation. Many surgeons believe that the surgeries they perform are beneficial to the patient because no one has returned to their office after the operation to inform them otherwise. Doctors are desperate to meet their patients’ demands for their scoliosis treatment , but have no options besides prescribing bracing (which, at best, only slows or stops progression, and at worst, actually worsens the scoliosis by weakening the postural muscles), or performing the surgery.

    Obviously, if surgeons stop performing this surgery, they stand to lose a great deal of money. Alternative scoliosis treatment methods are simply not explored by the established medical community because of the possibility that they may prove to be more effective and less costly, thereby eliminating the need to treat scoliosis surgically, and also their source of income.

  • Why will my insurance company pay for the Harrington rod surgery, but not alternative methods of scoliosis treatment?

    The answer is deceptively simple, and unfortunately based upon the laws of economics, rather than what is best for the patient. The insurance companies are undoubtedly aware of the research stating that 40% of operated patients are legally defined as permanently handicapped for the rest of their lives; in such an event, the insurance company’s financial responsibility for that patient is terminated, and federal Social Security & Disability programs are responsible for covering all medical expenses. There is nothing more important than your health and insurance should not be a criteria for getting care.

  • Why should I seek scoliosis treatment from Dr. Kean? What does he know that my regular D.C. doesn’t?

    Typical chiropractic adjustments have been proven to be ineffective or even harmful to the scoliotic patient, due to the mobilization of fixated vertebrae by the adjustment. While this may cause pain relief in the short term, the long term result is increased progression of the Cobb angle. We are not focused on relieving pain, although this is certainly the end result. Dr Kean is committed to achieving structural changes to the spine that will allow the body to de-rotate and correct itself, and use specific, reproducible precision x-rays that are analyzed according to exact guidelines to measure and quantify the change.

  • There’s a lot of controversy about whether or not bracing works. What is your opinion about treating scoliosis with a brace?

    The controversy over the effectiveness of bracing is somewhat misleading. You will never find any doctor in the world claiming that bracing will reduce or correct scoliosis; rather, the debate is over whether or not wearing a brace will prevent the scoliosis from getting worse. When doctors state that bracing “works,” what they’re really saying is that it stabilizes the scoliosis, keeping it at its current position. Most doctors will insist that bracing does “work” – with proper compliance. Recommended compliance is twenty-three hours per day, every day. If this seems a little extreme to you, you’re not alone.

    In a study published in the American Journal of Orthopedics, 60% of the patients surveyed felt that bracing had handicapped their life, and 14% felt it had left a psychological scar. The Children’s Research Center in Dublin, Ireland, has not recommended bracing as a scoliosis treatment since 1991, stating, “If bracing does not reduce the proportion of children with AIS [adolescent idiopathic scoliosis] who require surgery for cosmetic improvement of their deformity, it cannot be said to provide a meaningful advantage to the patient or the community.

  • My scoliosis is termed “idiopathic,” meaning the cause is unknown. Is it true that I inherited this condition from my mother?

    Scoliosis is not a genetic mutation, or a reaction to heavy backpacks worn in adolescence, or the result of an anatomical short leg. In fact, a recent study published in the scientific journal Spine in 2006 asserted that no specific gene has ever been linked to scoliosis. Scoliosis is the body’s natural and innate response to the loss of mechanical function provided by the normal curves of the spine. When these curves disappear, the body re-inserts them in another dimension.

    If scoliosis has a “cause,” then it can only be described by the laws of physics! It is easy to understand the concept of mechanical advantage for yourself. Find a heavy weight, about 10 to 20 pounds, and hold it in your hand. Most likely, your elbow will come close to your body, and your palm will be up, with your fingers facing away from you. This is very similar to how your spine supports the weight of your head with the curve in your neck.

    Now try removing the curve from your wrist; rotate it 180 degrees and bend it forwards with the weight still in your hand. Your elbow will swing out to the side to replace the lost stability. This is very similar to what happens in your spine when the curve in your neck is lost; the body develops scoliosis because a straight spine is extremely unstable.

    Essentially, scoliosis is a biomechanical reaction to forward head posture and the loss of the curve in the neck, and develops when the body cannot maintain symmetrical growth forces due to pressure & interference on the nerves from a misaligned vertebra; this is often caused by trauma during birth or shortly afterward.

  • Can Harrington rods break?

    A: Simply stated, yes. Below, are 2 radiographs of an individual with broken Harrington rods.

    Harrington Rod Break Harrington Rod Break

    These x-rays show Harrington rods that bent and broke while still inside the patient’s body. Many surgeons will refuse to operate on this condition, leaving the patient with few options to alleviate their pain & suffering.

  • Am I going to have health problems with a curve over 30 degrees? Is it necessary to get this looked at? I would like to correct this before its too late…

    You are wise to be concerned at this point. Interestingly enough it is common for a trauma to start a scoliosis becoming evident. That is because any such event traumatizes the cervical spine which then can start the scoliosis process in developing. Yes, 30 degrees is significant.

    In fact in the ‘medical model’ for scoliosis, the term is ‘watch and wait’ which means once the scoliosis is discovered, it is re-x-rayed until it passes a 30 degree curve at which point it then becomes a candidate for either bracing (does not work) or surgery (also in long run very detrimental). It likely will get worse as you age. You are young enough (and apparently wise enough) to want to correct this now, which is a good thing.

    Let me tell you that the two types of patients we have are the following types: 1-youngsters, teenagers whose parents have discovered their child’s scoliosis and want it corrected while young which of course is best or 2-Middle aged and older persons, mainly female who ignored their scoliosis since there was little or no pain and no interference in the activities of daily living until they reached their 40s or 50s or older.

    The same scenario is consistent with those persons who have had supposed ‘successful surgery’ when younger and now in their middle years have serious problems. It is imperative in my opinion that you proceed with proper scoliosis treatment as a 30 degree curve can be reduced down to a ‘normal’ ‘non scoliotic spine’ at this stage.

  • Can you give me some history on the development and use of the scoliosis treatment devices you referred to?

    The protocol we use is a compilation of various methodologies, and when combined have created far and away the best results available. They are as follows:

    • Scoliosis frequently begins first with a ‘Forward Head’ Posture, (not genetic as there has been no specific gene linked to causing scoliosis.). Then, a loss of the normal ‘lordosis’ of the cervical (neck) and lumbar (lower back) curves. This then causes the upper spine to laterally deviate in relation to the head and neck. This then creates interference with the Anterior Corticospinal Tract and with the Dorsal Spino-cerebellar Tract (in the brain), which affects the postural muscles. What follows is a ‘lateral shift’ of the spine. We therefore use amongst other tools, specific ‘Biophysics’ to restore the normal lordosis in the neck and lower back.
    • Therefore, the first area of correction is the cervical spine and head relationship. The rest will follow, and of course we are dealing with the entire spine at the same time.
    • It therefore is no accident that your daughter’s major curve is in the lumbar spine, and there is no doubt that she will have a loss of the normal neck curvature with forward head posture seen on x-ray.
    • The use of specific weights worn on the head, hips, shoulders which are dependent on the specific scoliosis curves are worn, to bring the curves back into a normal bio-relationship.
    • The medical model is ‘observe’ followed by the suggestion of bracing (psychological and functional disability) then surgery, which does not address the problem whatsoever.
    • The Whole Body Vibration, coupled with various other methodologies, bypasses the normal proprioception of the body allowing for faster re-alignment. Go to “Adaptive Responses of Human Skeletal Muscle to Vibration Exposure”-Bosco et all, Clinical Physiology 19(2):183-187
    • A specialized scoliosis traction table is used and allows both lateral scoliosis (sagittal) correction to occur while axial traction (top to bottom, head to foot) occurs, while at the same time dealing directly with the ligaments which are primary to affect the permanent scoliosis changes.

    Spinal Adjustments specific to the abnormal ‘lever arms’ created by a scoliosis. They are:

    1. The head related to the top of the spine
    2. The neck in relation to the upper thoracic spine
    3. The upper thoracic spine as it levers with the lower thoracic spine (The mid thoracic spine at the T-8 level is the functional base of the spine)
    4. The lower thoracic spine lever as it relates to the upper lumbar spine (lower back)
    5. The lower lumbar spine as it relates to the pelvis, hip rotation, and sacral balance
    All these ‘lateral deviations’ of the spine must be corrected individually to fix a scoliosis.