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Dr. Ryan McGloon, DC

Ryan McGloon, BS, DC, is a doctor of chiropractic who focuses on functional neurology and chronic painconditions.

When Dr. McGloon was a child, he suffered from headaches due to a car accident. After getting no relief from pain medications, he was successfully treated by a chiropractor. The ability to help the body heal without using drugs or surgery stuck with Dr. McGloon. It was that that experience that made him want to help others improve the quality of their lives with drug free, non-surgical healthcare solutions.

Dr. McGloon is the son of a veteran who has several chronic pain syndromes. Through the years he has seen chiropractic help both his father and mother with many of their chronic pain conditions. This added to his passion for helping people who have chronic pain

In 2016, Dr. McGloon joined Dr. Kean and his team and transitioned from traditional chiropractic to a focus in functional neurology. Since then, Dr. McGloon has sought to help as many people as possible find the most safe and effective solutions to peripheral neuropathy, knee pain, and brain conditions.

Funcional neurology seeks to use cutting edge, drug-free, and non-surgical solutions to chronic pain syndromes. This is done by performing comprehensive physical and neurological examinations to find the cause of the symptoms.

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